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Final Fantasy XIV: Benchmark Tool Released


Everyone loves a good benchmark session, Basically to compare their PC hardware to the games they want to run, And fortunately Square Enix agrees – it has released the benchmarking tool for Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming expansion.
You can download the benchmarking tool right now, and it allows you to check and see if rig is up to spec for the expansion, The tool is 1.6GB size though, so do bear that in mind if you expect to be marking benches within a few seconds of clicking ‘agree’.
Heavensward created things like flying mounts and the other new amazing elements you would expect from any big expansion, Beside it also includes a graphical upgrade for final fantasy XIV. Don’t forget to get the DirectX 11 to experience more emptied features.
The Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward launches on June 23, People who choose to pre oder the game will grant the option to get early access on June 19.

If you still hesitate, Go grab one and see what’s all the noise about!



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