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Fire TV Stick 39.00$


Amazon Fire TV Stick, opened only to install Kodi (formerly XBMC) and Llama. Llama is an optional program you can use to create shortcuts for applications that weren’t installed from the Amazon store, otherwise Kodi must be opened from the settings menu. I will create a shortcut for you.

Every Fire TV stick includes a shortcut on the main screen to Kodi for faster, easier access.

Comes complete in box with Fire TV Stick, remote, power adapter/cord, HDMI extender, 2 AAA batteries and manual.

Kodi will come with…

1Channel – The best Kodi add-on there is for thousands of free movies and TV shows.
NBC Sports LIVEEXTRA – Highlights, replays, sporting events, clips and Live Golf Channel in HD!
SportsDevil (DigiTele Sports) – Thousands of free sporting events and live channels.
Navi-X – Content mega-app with Free movies, TV shows, sporting events, channels, podcasts, playlists and more.
Mash Up – Wide selection of TV shows, HD sport, HD movies….even 3D movies.
Hundreds more default add-ons such as ESPN, NFL, DIY, HGTV, Food Network etc…ready to add with a click.
For all other add-ons, an installer program is included to quickly and easily install practically any add-on ever created – without the hassle of searching the internet, downloading zips, browsing files etc…just find and click to add. Detailed instructions included.
I’ve preinstalled some of the best, most reliable add-ons available. With the included guide that helps you get the most out of your new software, you’ll be able to choose specifically which add-ons you want to add or remove.
All included add-ons and any you choose to install are automatically updated.

(Detailed instructions to launch, install and remove add-ons are included.)

If you don’t see Kodi v 14.2 Helix on your Fire TV, you don’t have the latest version. You will receive the latest version here.

Don’t overpay. More add-ons does NOT mean a better product. Add-ons are free and they take up space.  There are many bad add-ons, and most of them do the same thing as one or more of the add-ons I include…a handful of the very best and most reliable. With my included guide, you’re in control.

The Amazon Fire TV stick is the most powerful streaming stick available and has the most storage by far. It is a perfect device for Kodi and allows you to control it comfortably from the included remote.

Price: 39.00$


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