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It’s True: You Really Can Earn 50$ Amazon And Here’s How…



I know you may think this is another trick, But believe it or not this time is different. Students of USA university started a research and to get high quality result they asking to participate in a one week diary study.  If you are selected to participate, you will be asked to complete 4 missions using the dscout app on your Android smart phone (Play Store App). Each mission might be a little different, but they will all require you to answer some questions and share screen shots from your mobile device. What you need to do is:

-4 missions over the duration of 1 week (each mission will take 15 minutes or less)
-$50 Amazon Gift Card upon successful completion of All Missions

Please Note: Any personal information that you provide in this survey will be used in accordance with the Yahoo Privacy Policy. We may share aggregate response data with our partners pursuant to our Privacy Policy. This data is anonymous and not identifiable.



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