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Make Your Artwork VIRAL With Steam Workshop


Valve created new way to support mod creators with the option to get paid for their artwork.

With the lastest update on steam, Users can sell community-made content such as items, mods and even maps.
The only problem is that not every game is suited for the feature, As a start steam allows users to sell their artwork with Scrolls V: Skyrim.
Steam mentioned that more games will have their option to sell mods,maps, items and such. As an example if the Skyrim creator will decide to change his free mods to paid mods he can do it with the new feature.
I think it is a great opportunity to help creators be more motivated to create more and more of their art work and both side can benefit from it.
Steam workshop is now putting mod authors with a choice to sell the creations for money or keep their loyal users to have fun with free content, If user choice to buy anything from the author he will get immediately access to the content.
Because this market is new and need to be stabilized as more mods become the mods are starting from 0.25$-5.99$, The users will decide what is worth and what is not, Only modders who reached 100$ will get paid, Not mention  steam will take 25% commission to cover all the costs of making the mods available at the market.



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