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Who Else Wants To Pay 1 Euro For Random Key?!



Recently I came a cross with really interesting way to pay less and get far more, If you take a look on the big CD-Keys marketplace stores you will see many sellers trying to sell random steam cd-keys for few dollars, The only catch here is the random keys, You might get game worth 20$ or 1$. Let’s think and see why this is the best deal for you. With 1 Euro you can buy indie bundle games from indiegala, What the chances you will really have fun with those games beside fill your steam library with games?, Or you can buy very few games on G2A weekly sale (very old games). So the conclusion is final:

  • It doesn’t hurt the budget
  • You wont feel bad if you got cheap game
  • If you already own the game you can resell it
  • The excitement of the unknown game pick-up

I already made my choice, What about you?



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